Cryptic Conjure - Weapon Sets

Here are some weapons you can expect to find in Cryptic Conjure!
(Some VFX for the weapons are were not finalized and are painted on by me.)

Please feel free to check the rest of the game out here:

I had the chance to work with the talented team at Iridium Studios on Cryptic Conjure! Here are some weapons I got to model and texture. Huge thanks to Noe Leyva for providing concepts for the pre-order weapons. The other weapons were inspired by a weapon icon pack we have. Also thanks to Jason Wishnov for also providing feedback!

Jason Wishnov (Creative Director)
Noe Leyva (Art Director)

Jacob wheat wheat jacob preorder weapons cc

Preorder Weapon Kit

Jacob wheat wheat jacob swords cc

Sword Weapon Kit

Jacob wheat wheat jacob lances cc

Spear Weapon Kit

Jacob wheat wheat jacob axes cc

Axe Weapon Kit